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About Us

                                            More than just a check-box solution

Belfi Consulting, LLC's holistic resilience solutions are unlike any consulting services out there. 

What makes our resilience solutions "holistic"?

From our perspective, whether you call it "organizational," "institutional," or "enterprise" resilience, if you're not also talking about your people, then you'll end up with none of the above. 

Katie Belfi, Esq. CEM, the founder of Belfi Consulting, has spent the last five years cultivating a unique practice that integrates individual resilience into the foundation of institutional resilience to deliver far more than a check-box solution. What Belfi Consulting offers is a comprehensive shift towards a culture of preparedness and resilience, that empowers people, encourages awareness, and enables the agility that allows organizations to weather any storm. 

While the dual sides of our services complement each other brilliantly, our offerings can be customized to support each client's needs. Some clients may opt for the individual resilience services as a standalone engagement, while others can incorporate them into a larger institutional resilience initiative.

Why is individual resilience so important? 

First, there is no better way to provide meaningful support for your people than to offer them the tools to improve their own readiness and resilience. The personal benefits of this work include increased confidence, more satisfaction in life and work, and an increased capacity to manage stress. 


At the same time, resilient people are quite literally the element that drives resilient institutions. Indeed, resilient people are more likely to identify problems early, feel empowered to ask questions or raise issues and take action when necessary. Studies have also shown that resilient people are 60% less likely to experience burnout, roughly 30% more engaged, and significantly more productive. 

Where do I sign up? 

Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries at


Founder and Principal Consultant

Katie Belfi, Esq.

With more than a decade of emergency management, enterprise resilience, and legal experience, Katie Belfi is uniquely qualified as a consultant in this field.


Katie began her legal career as a commercial litigator and later transitioned into the public sector as an attorney for FEMA. While supporting FEMA’s Hurricane Sandy response in NY and NJ, Katie observed first-hand the value of preparedness and the severe cost of poor planning. Katie was later recruited by NYU Langone Hospital as an emergency manager to help reimagine and rebuild the hospital’s emergency management and enterprise resilience program.


Across each of these career steps, Katie stoked her lifelong passion for health and wellness and became a certified holistic health coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and meditation guide. Ultimately, Katie combined all of these skills into an integrated wellness coaching side business, which she maintained alongside her law and emergency management roles. 

After several years in healthcare, Katie launched Belfi Consulting to provide bespoke resilience support to organizational clients across multiple sectors. At the same time, Katie began offering readiness and resilience coaching to her wellness clients. However, in working with colleges, corporations, and communities to build their preparedness plans and coordinate emergency responses, Katie recognized a gaping hole in her practice...the institutions she was working with needed her individual resilience work too. 

Finally, after years of walking what felt like two divergent career paths, Katie finally found their intersection point, which has come to light through Belfi Consulting's signature approach to holistic resilience. With offerings focused on both individual as well as institutional resilience, Belfi Consulting's practice aims to help clients shift their focus from the obligations of preparing and meeting regulatory requirements, to the opportunities of cultivating a culture of readiness and resilience that serves on both a personal and professional level.

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