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Belfi Consulting Services

Bespoke solutions to meet the unique needs of every institution.


Get in touch today to learn how Belfi Consulting can help set your institution apart from the rest.


The below services are offered a la carte or in conjunction with Institutional Resilience services


 Bespoke Corporate Services

Customized to suit the specific needs of your organization, group, or community

If you are ready for your people and your organization to move through challenges with confidence, ease, and success, you are in the right place. I offer bespoke services for organizations looking to improve their agility, resilience, and overall success.  From strategic planning for wellness initiatives to individual workshops and seminars, and custom online courses, my work will be entirely guided to reflect your organization's unique needs and core values. 

  • Not sure where to start? Together we can audit your existing wellness programming, identify ways to amplify its value, and develop a strategic plan for implementing a more holistic and impactful approach long-term.

  • Looking for an employee workshop people will actually WANT to attend? Combining corporate change management strategies, with positive psychology, and neuroscience, I have developed a corporate workshop unlike any other. 

  • Want a coach who can offer holistic support for your entire org? Through my Katelyst Coaching services, I offer individual coaching for everyone from execs to employees as well as group coaching options. [Check out]

Resilience off the Record

Been there, done that, wish I had this training...

Having started her career as a commercial litigator, Katie understands the unique pressure and challenges faced by law students and lawyers alike. Accordingly, Katie has developed unique programming just for this audience. Offering live training and workshops as well as pre-recorded options, Katie will customize her offerings to suit your specific needs. Katie's work has already been integrated into the 1L curriculum at one of NYC's top law schools. Reach out today to discuss how Katie can support your students, staff, and/or leaders.  

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Family at a Beach

Individual and Family Preparedness

Have an expert weigh in on your personal preparedness approach or help you develop one from scratch

Katie believes that preparing is the ultimate form of self-care. What better way to look out for future-self than planning ahead? However, Katie's approach doesn't stop at storm shutters and a go-bag, Katie wants to help you become ready for anything from a landslde to an unexpected lay-off. With her unique approach to holistic resilience, readiness is not just about natural disasters, but it's about whatever qualifies as a disaster for YOU ("ME"mergencies, as Katie calls them). Katie offers one-on-one coaching for anyone looking to cultivate their own readiness and resilience, as well as community/oragnizational services to help individuals within your organization develop their own personal preparedness. Find out how you can set yourself apart as an employer who prioritizes employee well-being in a way that few others even consider. 

Other Services

Our mission is to provide uniquely customized emergency management support for clients. We are equipped to provide a wide array of emergency management services, institutional assessments, strategic planning, and problem-solving support. Get in touch to find out how we might be able to help. 

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