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COVID-19 Response & Recovery

Optimize disaster relief benefits for institution or organization

COVID-19 has forced companies, schools, hospitals, and organizations across the country to face unprecedented challenges. The Federal Government has allocated billions of dollars in disaster relief funding to help institutions recover from these challenges. Without a comprehensive understanding of every relief program, it's impossible to ensure your institution is getting the most out of the benefits available. Optimizing the benefits available will enable the implementation of a strategic and supported recovery plan.

Family at a Beach

Individual and Family Resilience

Individual resilience is a fundamental building block of institutional resilience

An investment in your employees' individual resilience is an investment in their well-being and the well-being of your organization as a whole. Encouraging individuals within your organization to consider and develop their own personal preparedness is the first step in cultivating a culture of preparedness. As an organization, you can demonstrate your commitment to individual and family resources by providing necessary tools and resources, but also in the way you communicate with and manage your employees before, during, and after an emergency. Find out how you can set yourself apart as an employer who prioritizes employee well-being in a way that few others even consider. 

Emergency Preparedness and Institutional Resilience

Cultivate a culture of preparedness

Having a plan isn't enough. An emergency plan needs to be well-socialized, well-understood, and well-practiced before it represents any value to your institution. Our comprehensive suite of services can be fully customized to fit your institution's needs. We provide everything from initial hazard vulnerability analyses, plan development, and exercise delivery, to post-incident after-action reports and in-house training. Whether you require a complete program overhaul or a single tabletop exercise, we have your solution. There is never a better time to start planning for tomorrow, than today. 

Emergency Communications

Ensure expedient, effective, and efficient emergency communications

Emergency communications are at the heart of any successful emergency response. At a time when the demand for immediate information has never been higher, a simple and strategic emergency communications plan is essential to your institution's success. For certain types of institutions, your emergency notification procedures actually carry regulatory compliance requirements. An initial gap analysis to compare your current emergency communications approach with what is considered the ideal for your school will ensure the development of a plan that uniquely reflects the needs of your institution. A final emergency communications strategy will compliment your Emergency Operations Plan and facilitate the implementation of all of your response protocols. 


Other Services

Our mission is to provide uniquely customized emergency management support for clients. We are equipped to provide a wide array of emergency management services, institutional assessments, strategic planning, and problem-solving support. Get in touch to find out how we might be able to help.